San Jose Mercury: Vallejo police ‘aware’ of Messy Marv gun brandishing video

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Jul 27, 2008
This wasn't a smart or mature move in general, if it was Mess, just saying... However, it appears that you don't see Messy Marv/Cash Lord Mess holding an AR-15 in the video, and truth be told those handguns could be props. This can be seen as a movie, music video stunt, and all kinds of other things, depending how it is spun. Witnesses are one thing, however that boat can also leak, and sink. J-Diggs and Messy Marv are at an age, and time in their lives where they have both experienced popularity, financial gains, the death of loved ones, and their own lengthy prison sentences. Cancel the pissing contest gentlemen! In my 40's, I would rather disappear and live my life than play games in the music world and try to run the streets.
My advice to this man: Focus on the music, and leave the b.s. alone. A message to all: Entertain clowns and you become part of the circus.
I wish them both clarity, success, and good health. Hopefully all parties involved can go their separate ways, or squash the nonsense.
Props: sjzilla