Rules and Guidelines for the Gathering of Minds

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May 13, 2002

1). No Spamming.

Spamming is defined as the following: Any post/thread started solely for the purpose of advertising a website* OR a user that posts simply to increase their post count**.

* You may advertise a website if you attempt to create some sort of thought stimulating discussion around it.

** The siccness has new rules and some forums cannot be viewed unless a user has 300 or more posts. If any user is found posting multiple, meaningless replies that have little or nothing to do with the topic, you may be banned. Personally I don’t care if you’re trying to raise your post count or not, but ADD SOME MEAT TO YOUR POSTS and stay on topic.

***Posting nothing but pictures which have absolutely nothing to do with the thread is considered spamming.

2). No insulting or attacking members without contributing to the topic or explaining why you’re insulting a member. In other words- I don’t care if you insult other members as long as you stay within topic or can back your shit up with some sort of logic. You cannot reply with “you’re gay” or “you suck”, etc. Again, add some meat to your posts.

-Members who continue to violate rule 2 will receive at least 1 warning. If the user continues to ignore this rule and my warnings they may be banned.

3). If you have a problem with a member, please try and take it to PM rather than hijacking threads or contact me.

4). If you have a problem with me or you think I’ve been unfair, please contact another moderator or hit me up on PM.

5). Racist insults will not be tolerated. Please notify me or another mod/admin immediately to report any violations. Members that conduct in this behavior may be banned without questions, although each individual case will be closely examined.

UPDATE 4.19.07:
6). When posting an article, please post the source either before or after the article. Provide weblinks if possible.

-If you have problems with any of these rules, need further clarification regarding a rule or would like other rules to be considered, please contact me.


Apr 25, 2002
nothing is wrong with it now. IMHO this man is the BEST mod on the board (and deep thought but he isn't here much). This is what a mod should do imho. Set down the rules and make them as clear as possible instead of harboring ill feelings and hidden agendas.
Jun 27, 2003
fa sho, 2-0-Sixx is doin a helluva job as your goderator foo. One person was banned who deserved to be banned, and we don't have to deal with some of the clutter.. Good job folks
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