Robin Williams found dead

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May 9, 2002
He suffered from WSAS aka White successful and sad disorder. I can't believe how many of these people have all that anyone could wish for and still can't be happy.
You are insinuating that money is the cure all for everything. Clearly, that is not the case and as we saw here, money may have been his underlying troubles.

Money makes people do fucked things.
Jun 5, 2004
I don't get it.

Anyways, I was never a big Robin Williams fan, let alone a big movie fan...but R.I.P. to the guy. I got his autograph when I saw him at an Italian restaurant in Point Richmond when I was a kid:

Looks like you were like "thanks" and then used it as a bib.


May 17, 2002
Chula Vista, South Bay, San Diego, California
I don't like reading about this it gives me a really eerie feeling. I think maybe cuz my best friend since 9th grade hung himself 6 years ago and his brother died of a heroin overdose a few months ago who was also my good friend. Think its bringing back eerie feelings bout that whole situation. RIP tho. Suicide is really weird. Think how messed up in the head you gotta be to wanna die. I've been bummed out before but never thought dieing would help.
the worst fucking call i ever got in my life was from his dad telling me what happened. he was sobbing uncontrollably and rightfully so. these people so sick in the brain they dont realize people care about them and that life has infinite possibillities