Rittz Leaves Strange

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Aug 20, 2006
Rittz Explains Split With Strange Music - hiphopearly
Rittz dropped Last Call, his fourth album and fourth with Tech N9ne’s Strange Music, last week.

Last Call will be his last project with Strange.

He explained parting ways with the revered indie label in an interview with HipHopDX.

“[Last Call is] my last album contractually with Strange Music, but everything’s good with Strange,” Rittz told DX. “I signed a four-album contract with Strange and my contract is up, so it’s time to figure out what to do next. Everything’s good though. Business doesn’t stop running with Strange. We had a great conversation with [Strange Music CEO] Travis O’Guin, with Tech.

It’s no issues, it’s business,” he continued. Right now, I still do have obligations to be with Strange but my contract is over and I will be leaving Strange. But we will be doing business together. Travis put some opportunities on the table that may work out, may not. We also deal with them with merchandising. And besides that, it’s like family to me.


Ferocious Mackadoshis
Jun 17, 2005
Didn't think it was official, but given the above it seems that he's leaving on good terms with the intention of keeping the affiliation as expected.

Rittz was easily top 3 on the label IMO and was a fan long before the initial deal took place. Interested to see where he'll land as of this point onwards but I assume he'll most likely re-join forces and sign some type of deal with Slumerican with Yela, Big Henri, Struggle, Sparxxx, etc.