RIP Ne Obviscarus aka Smokingood

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Nov 24, 2003
wtf is going on around here, everytime i take a small ass break from here i always come back on to find out another sicc OG passed away, smh. RIP breh!

Yeah it certainly seems like recently it has been happening a lot more often than it used to back in the day.

It's a strange and sad feeling to interact with people for years or even decades online, you get to the point that the screen names have a known personality to you, but you never meet them in real life, and then one day you log on to find out they are gone...

RIP to Smokingood and the rest.
Feb 11, 2006
much love to you timebreh. i'll never forget the great times we all had had. even if it was just online, yall were a huge part of my life when shit was dark.
100% my Brodie. ...still can't comprehend the guys who have passed on here that i actually valued as friends ...Southern comfort was my dude from before the sicc (Fifa) ,Justin and Smokinggoods were my brothers from another mother for sure someone said we shouldn't be dying in our 30s and 40s mayne .....Much love to all
Aug 26, 2002
Hard Times
I'm gonna be in seattle tomorrow around noon, I got a few things to do real quick but then I'm down to meet up with anyone. I know Nuttkase @Nuttkase and Palmer @Palmer are gonna meet up. Anyone else down, hit me up.


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
Got to meet a lot of Geoff's family and friends last night and kick it with my boy Snakegang @Snakegang again. It was a really nice celebration of his life and I was glad I could make it and share some stories with folks. We kept on being like yeah we all met on the internet before it was cool lol RIP broski.
Mar 17, 2006
I don't get on much anymore but this isn't what I want to see when I get on and see what's been going on with the sicc brehs. He was a cool dude. We never had an argument on here. In fact it seemed like he always had my back when getting into it with people on here...shit man...sad news for real and I didn't know Armen died too! Kinda makes me wonder who else has passed and just nobody on here knew about it and just assumed they quit getting on. R.I.P. to all the fallen sicc fam