RIP Gas one

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Feb 27, 2005
just to add a few words:
Gasuno was one of the few guys who was actually nice with me from the start. Im French and I registered on this forum during the year 2005. As you can imagine I got trolled a lot for being European and Gas was always ready to speak and exchange knowledge with anyone. I learned so much information on music and life discussing with Gas that I have always felt blessed to know so much thanks to him.
I exchanged a few worrd with him on twitter like 3 or 4 years ago. He remembered me. I was always reading all his posts with great attention, taking notes and all that. Man thats so sad, so sad...
He was funny, genuine and always ready to help (and fucking smart). Never arrogant or anything like that... WhatI liked the most about him was his artist touch.
He was a positive and inspiring man.

Repose en paix Gasuno et mes condoléances à sa famille
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