rich the factor recent release question

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i havent looked for richs recent releases in past 2-3 years. now when i go back to pick up some of his albums im not sure which are mixtapes and which are real albums. can anyone point me in the direction of his albums because i feel they much more consisntent quality over the mixtapes. i coped moet and feel thats pretty solid.
Oh Boy! you need to catch up, His latest one is called " Cracc Scrills ".
He also dropped

1- Many are called but only a few are chosen.
2- Bucc's over Fame 3
3- It's Grapes to Apes
4- 2 Liters
5- Snakes in the Grass
none of these are mixtapes, cool imma cop some more in a bit. gonna listen to moet some more before i get another album. if i buy too many at a time some shit wont get listened to properly.
Props: Teddy X
Apr 25, 2002
why doesn't Rich label his tracks? Is there a reason behind it or just laziness/not giving a fuck?
I'm betting it's because he doesn't want people to see the tracklisting when they are about to purchase it and realize that half of the songs are recycled from previous releases.
Apr 3, 2010
They are different albums. A couple songs cross over but there are like 10 or more new songs on the second one. Plus the dude has over 100 albums. Yeah he has put album songs on mixtapes and then put them on an album later a couple times, but people always say that he recycles songs and he really shouldnt have that reputation. He does however rerelease albums with different covers a lot.