Review of the Streets of tha Tac

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Oct 22, 2009
Mr. D.O.G., a former recipient of the Seattle's Mayor's Award for musical excellence and business acumen is also the current winner of the WA rapper of the year award. If that’s any indication of what to expect from the rappers fourth album, Streets of tha Tac, the anticipation is only furthered by the impressive list of collaborators on the album.

The likes of Snoop Dogg, Crooked I, Kokane, Mistah FAB, Cool Nutz, Matt Blaque, and many more grace Streets of tha Tac with guest appearances. It’s no wonder that nineteen tracks were needed to encompass all the homegrown talent on the disc.

Tracks like the first single, “She's 100” feature contemporary hip hop elements that display the rapper’s affiliation with the west coast rap scene. Another track that embodies the now globally recognized west coast swagger is the follow up single, “F*cc w/Cuzz” that features Snoop Dogg, Crooked I, and Kokane. It’s bold beat is mirrored in D.O.G.’s cadence and Snoop Dogg’s smooth rap complements the second half of the track.

“Holla @ Ya Guy” is a softer R&B influenced affair that features Matt Blaque who brings an irresistible hook that brings the song together. Elsewhere, “Dear Dad” is an honest and hard hitting track concerning parental separation and abandonment. Tracks such as these, and others like “Hilltop” and “It’s Nothing” show a variety of issues deeply entrenched in hip hop culture.

Streets of tha Tac is a raw and extremely personal affair. The unforgiving manner that subject matter is dealt with on the album will provide further respect for the rapper who knows where he’s from and knows how to bring his own perspective to the rather saturated hip hop scene. The disc is a prime example of west coast collaborations that work, and work well.
Stand Out Tracks: Hilltop, Holla @ Ya Guy She’s 100

Rukshan Thenuwara – Muzik Reviews Staff
September 12, 2010
May 4, 2002
i give it a 9/10 the only reason it gets a 9 is cause i aint on
nah for real though..from my angle...this is a DOPE album from the DOG...
if u aint got it get for you and one for the nigga who gonna steal it