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Dec 6, 2002
Here you go folks, taken from

Tre Mak and Point Blank Muzic record label out of Sacramento have so far released 3 projects, including 2 solos by the rapper ("The One" and "So Filthy"), both already reviewed and available for you on the website under this link. In 2009 Point Blank flooded the northern California music market with dozens of mixtapes. In a matter of months fans could listen to 2 parts of "Muzic 4 Tha Mobb" compilation series and solos by Foss Da Boss, Robb Cole and Young 5ive. 2010 greeted you with yet another solo endeavor, this time by Ya Boy Yundee. Needless to say that I was really impressed by these big moves, especially since the majority of the releases (if not all of them!) were available for free download off the net. Unfortunately it was also the only source to get in hold of them, as no units were ever pressed. In other words 6 projects from Point Blank Muzic exist only in digital form. Finally my suggestions were taken into consideration, because Bigg Cain decided that the third part of "Music 4 Tha Mobb" - subtitled "The Massacre" - would have limited units pressed.

I need to say from the gates that I didn't have an opportunity to listen to 2 previous parts of the mixtape series, so the currently reviewed cd will only be compared to first 2 solos by Tre Mak. Let's start off with the basics though: "The Massacre" is also available for free download; links are provided at the bottom. While the physical copies look like a typical mixtape in slim case with a flyer type of front cover (excellent quality). I hope that the keyword "mixtape" hasn't discouraged you yet, as this project doesn't share the disadvantages of such products. Please note that you won't hear any strange mixes, DJ's yelling, short tracks, drops, mainstream beats... none of that. The production is partly original and exclusive, partly taken off the Internet. So get ready for vibes that match artists' styles and typical for west coast tradition. Tre Mak appeared on most of the songs - 15 out of 18 - including 4 solo ones. You will see mainly up and coming youngsters by his side, representing Point Blank Muzic as well as Sacramento. These people who are unknown to a wider audience proved to be capable of handling the mic, as they provided decent lyrics and rhymes. I was really impressed by Robb Cole, Sixx Figgaz and Purp Reynolds. The remaining ones also did a good job, however I heard too little from them to judge. Tre Mak's verses showcase his undoubted lyrical talent. He indeed focused on delivering untypical word plays where he ends each bar with a non-played out rhyme or at least combines a few words to come up with something pretty astonishing. And God bless him for that, for not many rappers care for it any more (even the fans do not!), yet it enriches the overall delivery. Have a look at the short example:

Vin Rose, the Blush, the Sangria
Either way, I'm feeling like a G brah
[...] Now it's time for a re-up
Bought the 4th cup and sittin' chillin' with my feet up
It tastes real good plus it's cheap like IKEA
Bossi off the Rossi, cross me and get beat up

As far as track subjects are concerned, you'll mostly receive a typical rap mixture. A little bit of bragging and boasting, representing Sacramento and the region plus pimping. There are obviously a couple of other themes like the ones talking about gangs in the city of Sac ("Red & Blue Zone"), becoming a known figure in the music business ("My Year") or an alcohol ("Bossi Of Tha Rossi"). The last cut is a pretty interesting case; in the beginning I was irritated by the computerized, childish voice on the hook, but the more I listen to this song, the more I soak into it and happen to feel it. What is more, you should know that it's a tribute to Carlo Rossi wine, which I myself like to drink from capacious glasses. Production is yet another notable advantage of the project. It is way different from what was served by Vince V. a couple of years back on Tre Mak's solos. Those were mainly big, dynamic sounds with a mainstream feel to them. This time beat makers took it back to basics and presented something a bit harder. Tempos became slower and the overall atmosphere is more of a classic street type, sometimes dark. These typical west coast vibes can be especially heard on such tracks as "West Coast Shit", "Sit & Stare", "Get 2 Klap'n", "Sac We$t" or "Lyrical Murderers". It also tends to be calmer - "Cut You Loose", "Tried My Hardest" - and the already mentioned "Bossi Of Tha Rossi" as well as "Feelin Blue 2day" are more towards light and funny word plays.

There are 18 songs on here, so flaws are also inevitable, like autotune clearly audible on 2 hooks. What is more, I can hear some sound distractions in the background of "Blue & Red Zone". It is also a pity that the already known "Where You At?" found its place. I understand that not everybody had a chance to grab the debut solo "The One" by Tre Mak, but it could have been placed as the last title on the compilation, so it doesn't have to be skipped now. Anyway, these glitches are definitely not major and they do not change the fact that "The Muzic 4 Tha Mobb Vol. 3: The Massacre" is a solid piece of work, where you can hear lots of quality verses by Tre Mak and other representatives of Sacramento's younger generation. Recommended, especially since it is available for free download.

Bigg Cain, props for having this mixtape pressed and I do hope that you'll do so in future as well. I also encourage you to release the 2009 albums in limited quantities.

Be sure to visit these addresses:
Radpidshare download - link to free download of this compilation
Point Blank Muzic MySpace page
Dec 6, 2002
Tracklist for y'all:
01. M4TM Intro (skit)
02. His Name Is Tre - Tre Mak
03. Whats It Gon Be - Tre Mak & Smigg Dirtee
04. West Coast Shit - Sixx Figgaz & Acetrain
05. Sit & Stare - Sav-Sicc, Infamy Locc, Bigg Mann & Tre Mak
06. Ya'll Gon Kno Me - Tre Mak, LT & Bucc
07. Stay Solid - Tre Mak, Sonny Bo & Skywalk
08. Tha Drive By (skit)
09. Get 2 Klap'n - G. Money, Robb Cole & Tre Mak
10. Blue & Red Zone - Sonny Bo, Purp Reynolds & Tre Mak
11. My Year - Robb Cole & Sixx Figgaz
12. Feelin Blue 2day - Tre Mak
13. Bossi Off Tha Rossi - Tre Mak & Robb Cole
14. Cut You Loose - Mr. Mannish, Purp Reynolds, Tre Mak & Bad Company
15. Where You At? - Tre Mak
16. Tried My Hardest - Tre Mak, Bucc & Jay City
17. Sac We$t - G.H., Sixx Figgaz & Bad J
18. Lyrical Murderers - Tre Mak, Bigg Mann & Genisis
19. Takeover - Tre Mak
20. Get It Right - Tre Mak & Robb Cole