Remote Viewing

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Jul 6, 2008
tried it?? have you tried it, grasshoppa-son??

ive seen some tv programs, i dont know, its a tv program could be real or not, but this old guy got put thru these tests of locating a bridge and identifing it and its surroundings.

but i think in the end, they jsut said taht is remote viewing was vague, and it ws a lil sketchy.

but ive heard other shit, were it works.

dont physkics use it to locate people taht have been kidnapped, or to idnetify a suspect by drawing wht the suspect might look like.

i just really dont know if its made for tv crap or if it really exists. are there studies out there for this type of shit??
Feb 23, 2003
Fresno, CALIF.
I remote desktop all the time son, all the time.

In fact, right now I'm looking at some shit in Moscow even though I'm in Seattle. Woah, trippy shit. CIA can kiss my ass
ok thats great i can do that too. im talking about remote viewing which as you already know, or claim to know can look into the future. I forgot when I post here 2-0-Sixx has something smartass to say.

Aug 3, 2005
the term remote viewing is more a description of the scientific structure that was used on various psychics at SRI during the stargate project. im sure there are some people out there who could read something from somewhere else, but i think to actually be considered remote viewing it has to follow the guidelines of the researchers there (there are some pretty strict rules in terms of one person checking and then another person checking that person and testing results etc). also all of the remote viewers that were in service then were trained professionally by military and shit.

ive heard theres still some classes (some retired army guy talked to my transpersonal psych class and had a class somewhere i think), but i havnt read any of the books that claim to be manuals or nething. also im sure theres like earlier training that needs to be done before u can just jump into RV.
May 7, 2013
The only remote viewing taking place is with satellites, computers, and microphones, and of course the development of AI. It is all practically being recorded now unless you take the necessary precautions. You also have to be worth "looking" at or into. If you are not a viable threat or do not pose a tax advantage to the letter gangs, then you are irrelevant. I worked with computer networks previously which utilized psyop devices.
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