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The Bakersman
Aug 14, 2006
Welcome to the Strange Music forum. This is the most official "unofficial" site for Strange Music information and news. Co-owners Travis O'Guinn & Tech N9ne both post on this forum, as well as road crew, producers, and assistants in the Strange family.

Tech's screen name is thereal.
Travis' screen name is strange1.

::Producers Rob Rebeck, Matic Lee, IcyRoc Kraven, Seven and David Sanders II have made appearances on the forum.
Kutt, Liquid Assassin, and Killa C have also stopped by the forums from time to time.
Britton Kimler, Head of Marketing and Promotions, also swings by periodically.
Aaron Bean, Street Team Manager, posts on here, too.

::Tech N9ne is one person, not a group. Aaron D. Yates IS Tech N9ne.
The "group" that usually confuses people are his stage performers, and label mates Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko.

::When posting news or information not directly pertaining to Tech N9ne or other Strange Music artists, please title your thread as follows:

*OT: (title of thread here)*

"OT" stands for "Off Topic". This is a Strange Music board. In order to keep this forum clean, we ask that you use this title when posting topics that do not pertain to Strange Music, or its affiliates.

::Business Information:

Mark Reifsteck - Representative Agent
Travis O'Guin - Manager
Email [email protected]

Strange Music
PO Box 1114
Blue Springs, MO 64013
Phone: (816) 229-4700
Fax: (816) 229-4741

General Comments / Questions
Email [email protected]
Nov 6, 2005
I want to give everyone a REMINDER. DO NOT ASK FOR MP3/ALBUM LINKS. If the product comes via Strange Music, or features a Strange Music artist, or can make the artist money (in which you are elminating by sharing that product). Then DO NOT POST, or ASK for a link to the given song. That'll be all.

Not open for further replies.