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Oct 15, 2004
Was good siccness

I'm gonna offer a few tapes for sale pre eBay. At this time they are for best offer. So don't ask. BEST OFFER!!!!!!!!

The Katz come fly wit me detroit 1996 j dilla productions no bar code tape only
Coventry geez chapter one detroit tape only
Goldie four + one new Houston 1993 tape only
Mac t retaliation San Fran 1995 tape only
Go hard black ghetto stories new Houston 1997
Straight strugglin family Memphis 2000 new
Merciless Amir tha trinity featuring 2ao detroit 1995 no bar code tape only
Ministaz of a sinista society erb n reality flint 1995
Xv doomsday productions og tape only 1994 og cover
No loot borrowed time borrowed money new 1999 gary tape only
Pluto players like us takin over og tape no advertisement 1995
Bound by brothers 1995 new tape only no bar code WOW
B-Def face to face with def 1995 detroit tape only
The original point blank just another day in da hood new 1993 Houston tape only
Pimp Dogg forever loaded new New Orleans
Pimp Dogg who's that aggin
Spooky g + black jack straight doo dooism San Antonio 1994
Hugh emc the mob 1994 tape only
The governor governors taxin new 1993 tape only
Double trouble bigger than da't Memphis 1995
Bat save me new 1995

Little list to start. See where y'all heads at