Rare CD's/Tapes Sealed...Classic Bay Shit, Old No Limit (Lil Ric, C.I.N, More...)

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Apr 25, 2002
I'm trying to get rid of these CD's and tapes, I've had 'em for too long. I prefer to go through PayPal but we can work something out if you ain't got it. I'm gonna leave this up til next Friday, at noon, and I'll send out PM's to whoever bids the highest. They'll be sent out the following day. Only legit offers, please.

Here's what I got:


TRU - Understanding The Criminal Mind (No Limit/In-A-Minute Records, 1992)
Lil' Ric - Deep N Tha Game (No Limit, 1994)
EA Ski - 1 Step Ahead Of Yall (No Limit/In-A-Minute Records, 1992)
J.D. Walker - The "Career" Criminal (Jammin G/Raging Bull Records, 1995)
Run-DMC - Tougher Than Leather (Profile Records, 1988)
Nas - Illmatic (Columbia Records, 1994)
E-40 - Things'll Never Change *Single* (Jive Records, 1997)
Mo Thugs - All Life Long *Single* (D3 Entertainment, 2003)

*SEALED* Tapes

Spice 1 - Trigga Gots No Heart *Single* (From Menace II Society Soundtrack) (Jive Records, 1995)
Seff The Gaffla - Livin' Kinda Lavish (Get Low Records, 1995)
Kaos - In The Mist Of Kaos (Murder One Records, 1995) (2 Copies)
Khayree - The Blackalation (The World Is Yours) (Young Black Brotha Records, 1997)
Lil Black - On The Road Again (Big Baby Records, 2000)

*Mint Condition* CD's

Master P - Get Away Clean (No Limit/In-A-Minute Records, Year Not On Album)
C.I.N. - '94 Mobsta's (Real Mob Records, 1995)
B-Legit The Savage - Tryin' To Get A Buck (Jive/Sick-Wid-It Records, 1994)
Paris - Sleeping With The Enemy (Scarface Records, 1992)
AMG - Ballin' Outta Control (Select Records, 1995)
Roger Troutman - Bridging The Gap (Reprise Records, 1991)
Bootleg - Hated By Many, Loved By Few (Overcore/TVT Records, 2001)
Ghetto E - Ghetto Theater (Overcore/TVT Records, 2001)

Serious offers only. Leave any questions and bids on this post, you can hit me up at [email protected] too.