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May 19, 2013
C.A.S.H. D - The Man Next To The Man
Lil Menace - On Da Grind
Coke Ctreet Inmates - Sweet With The Enemy
Stone Pilla - Down For Whatever
G.U.N Generation of United Nortenos - XIV Til Eternity
Outside - Aint No Tamin
Animosity - Down 4 Whatever
Burner - 14 Karat Tiger Coated
Nordy Klicc - Dirty Southern Soljaz
Mask Murda Mafia - Thee Obituary
Thugged Out - Heat (OG not promo like other guys)
LGE Posse - Tha Mile High Takeover
Phoenix Mitchell - Banga The EP
Hustle Right - Wicked Intentions
Canter Ways Thug Life - Surviving These Streets
Tha Homeboys - 10 Years of Bullshit
X Mob - Ghetto Mail
1st Battalion - Gutta Gutta ( OG not cdr )
3rd Degree - Blood Money
B.O.D - The Only Game We Know
Psyclops - Belly Of The Beast
LTF - Lyrical Massacre
Lockdown - Deep Thoughts
Ghetto Goddis (self titled)
Lil Maniac - Cold and Heartless
The Havenot Click - In Due Time
F.U. The Compulation
Mersinary Thuggz - Tyme 2 Shine

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