Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog - Bad-N-Fluenz [Vinyl Bundle]

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Limited Edition Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog - Bad-N-Fluenz vinyl bundle now available for pre-order at www.HellaDopeRecords.net

• Bad-N-Fluenz 2LP Album (Gray Marble Vinyl)
• Summertime (7" Picture Disc Vinyl Single)
• All Rapped Up (7" Clear Vinyl Single)
• Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog 8x10 Glossy Photo
• Bad-N-Fluenz Logo T-Shirt

Bad-N-Fluenz 2LP Album
A1) Intro
A2) All Rapped Up
A3) How The Gangsters Do It
A4) The Bomb feat. Ant Banks
A5) Buster Free
B1) Ruff Like Pavement
B2) P.H. Balance
B3) You Ain't Heard Shit Yet
B4) Dirty Work feat. Too Short, Seagram, Mr. ILL
C1) Maniac Mind
C2) Smoke Season
C3) I'm A Bad N-Fluenz
C4) Torcher Chamber feat. Street Thugs
D1) Pulls Out My Flamer
D2) Private Cries
D3) Deep Shit
D4) Success Is Guaranteed

Summertime 7" Picture Disc
A1) Summertime (Clean)
B1) P.H. Balance Remix feat. Mr. ILL
(Tracks unavailable on 2LP album)

All Rapped Up 7" Clear Vinyl
A1) All Rapped Up (Clean)
B1) Smoke Season Remix feat. Goldy
(Tracks unavailable on 2LP album)

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