Rap Beef

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May 15, 2002
What is/are your opinion(s) on Rap beef in today's era? I thought it was ignorant in the Pac & B.I.G. era and it ruined Hip Hop more than anything else ever could.
Jan 29, 2016
Kansas City, MO
Rap beef is stupid! Someone almost always ends up seriously injured, in jail, or dead behind it. Its should be all about the music first and foremost, gettin' money and feedin' your families, but I guess not. Controversy sells.


It depends on how far it goes, like if you take Drake and Meek Mill for example it wasn't too harmful since (I don't believe) no one got zapped but Biggie and Pac was just hella unnecessary since both them boys who are LEGENDS got killed and obviously THAT hurt the hip-hop community. Competition is dope don't get me wrong that's what we wanna see but when an artists personal life is affected it affects us too in the sense that we can't hear the music.

A lotta times it looks stupid too like that Soulja Boy and Chris Brown foolery.....ridiculous and I wouldn't even say those dudes are hip-hop artists lol but we love to see competition, if Biggie and Pac's beef was more about competition and less about coasts wanting to murk each other that would have been exponentially better.
Feb 10, 2006
You're fine with self destructive antisocial behavior, aka street BS, disguised as entertainment?

I'm strictly responding to rap/hip hop "beef" as long as its on wax its coo. it its escalates into the streets yea that's fine too, but it better be for the right reasons. the shit with pac and big was over hyped by other ppl who wanted attention. shit was too big just to turn away from.