Practicing supernatural w/out ritual?

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Apr 8, 2005
prophetic dreams, having god speak to you, and having a prayer answered, are all supernatural, but happen when you dont expect them to, so i dont believe they cant tie into ritual
Mar 4, 2007
LOL@ our local wizard droppin in!

i gotta say thank you formaldehyde, stealth, thatguy, the prince, and of course our lil wiz.

But for those who wanna criticize me for seeking out others opinions and experiences i will post what my essay question is, ok?
2. Account for religious rituals. What purpose does ritual serve? How does the ritual benefit the individual and or group. Is it possible to practice the supernatural without ritual?
The class is Anthropology of Religion, Witchcraft and Magic.

Just a lil' reminder, Anthroplogy is the study of humans, so therefore anything having to do with humans(talking to them, listening, etc.) is productive to my work.
In an anthropological view, Mista-Murda's opinion on the world is just as valid as ThaG, and ThaG's is just as valid as 2-0-Sixx.
So therefore, a message board is probably the best resource in order to find more examples.
I grew up without superstition and religion, the only thing i really knew was 'cooties' so i was a lil stuck with examples of superstition w/ out ritual(and i also just finished reading 30 pages of articles about tribes that only practice supernatural through ritual).

And sergeant hustle, i was referencing to anything that "JUST" happens... just like the walking under the ladder and breaking the mirror(that one was a good one, cause it can really control people's lives)

But i think "step on a crack, brake ya momma's back" is more like an OCD than a supernatural without ritual.. but then again all of these can be seen as "borderline OCD", so the lines really start to thin because the definition depends on the culture, really.

And according to what i've heard, your not suppose to 'look' for a 4-leaf clover, your just suppose to catch it with your eye. i dunno maybe thats where our definition of the actual 'superstition' changes.

Thank you, and if anyone can think of more, then that would be great.
May 15, 2002
Focus on the first two questions and make the last question sort of a side note/afterthought because it's not terribly important to the larger point.

What's the size of the paper? You probably only need one or two examples non-ritual supernatural unless it's a large paper.

You could also argue that all of those activities DO involve ritual. There is active avoidance of ladders, breaking of mirrors, etc. When someone finds a clover they usually keep it. There is some sort of reaction and I would consider that a type of ritual. But it depends on your definition of ritual and your scope.

I think that you can't "practice the supernatural" without ritual because there has to be some means to make a connection between yourself and the supernatural. It is not a physical entity and so it requires "special" means to communicate (i.e. ritual).

And yes, I know I contradicted my previous post. That's where thinking will get you :cheeky:
Mar 4, 2007
lol yup i do that all the time "oh shit thats hypocritical to what i just said...oh w/e"

um its actually an outline that's due, because instead of doing hw or lectures and bullshit like that in this class we have 'socratic' style class sessions where we just talk about the 5 essay questions and how different things we've read in the books and other things in life pertain to them and then we write outlines for them, then have him see how complete and thorough they are(for the student's sake of writing the paper) and then you get to pick which question feels right for you, and write a thorough paper.
my last one was 7 pages(double spaced) but i dunno if i was to do this one it'd prolly be 7-8, because i think featuring superstition w/out ritual (or what we PERCEIVE not to be a ritual because of our cultural upbringing, i.e. Catholic, muslim, athiestic etc.) is very important.

i dunno tho, i need to get crackin on the "religious use of drugs" and altered states of conciousness section...hella makin me glad that i quit smokin weed and take shrooms like i used to..