Post Youtube videos of your favorite moments in NBA history

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Allez Les Bleus 🌟🌟
Feb 27, 2006
Paris, France
one of my favorite moments was when the pistons beat the faggot ass lakers for the championship for the 2003-2004 season. it was nice seeing that faggot ass quartet of shaq, kobe, gp, and the mailman fail.

another one is of the celtics beating the bitch ass lakers in the 2007-2008(?) nba finals. what makes game six special is the final score. celtics gassed the lakers by almost 40.

shawn kemps' dunk on alton lister was wit da shit, he was gangsta for pointing at him while he was on the floor.

this one features to oak park, sacramento native kevin johnson and his dunk on hakeem olajuwon. knowing that hakeem was a premiere defensive presence, especially in the paint, i had to give props for kj taking it strong to the hoop.

i'll try and think of others later...