Police Shoot And Kill Minnesota Man On Facebook Live

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
Thought I was clear guess not though. Thanks @Gr4mx619 for explaining it. lol it's clear no one reads what i type in the open forum and just get defensive or go on offense. Not @ you gas just in general

That's just how echo chambers work though
honestly at the end of the day bro its the same issue regardless of the skin color so i dont want to make it look like only 'black lives matter'...cops killing any race shade religion culture or so on without merit or legitimate situational issue is wrong. i could honestly care less if it was a white guy killed unjustly instead of a black guy. the real issue is that these cops need to go through a completely different psychological training and dare i say 'combative sensitivity'....i think if youve had a gun at your face by the cops a few times you obviously get the feeling of how close your life is to bieng in danger. ive learned throughout my 30 somethin years to deescalate the situation before the cops attempt to hype it up. that alone might be the reason i havent been clipped atleast three times by the cops. seeing a weapon on someone shouldnt give a legitimate reason to just start poppin at a dude. like ive sdaid ive learned to slow down the situation at hand and all the screaming and adrenaline and move slower. let them know what youre doing before its done. get a verbal response back. all that. im not saying its gonna work for everyone but i think my run ins with police have taught me how to stay alive.

fuck the skin color....cops killing people for unjust reasons is really the issue..it just happens to minorities at a higher percentage for (depending on your intelligence) obvious reasons.

and youre 100% right, most people skim read, they dont take the time to look at all the angles and read everything completely. even though i swore i saw shaunking on twitter say that it was 558 black murders by the cops and thought 'holy shit thats high' i shoulda checked the sources before spreading bad info. with that said, 135 or whatever it was, still a high amount.

i dont think its gonna get any better with any presidential canidate, the only way shit is gonna change is if the people bring the power in their own hands IMO. im not an anarchist but i do believe power is within the people who mean positivity and justice in the right senses.

this is kinda some meeting of the minds shit, but fuck it. we can always agree with a few things if not all.
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