Planet Asia and FLO: Planet F.L.O. 9/9

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May 7, 2002
Just wanted to throw this out there for the PA fans in BART. This is a collabo album with PA & F.L.O. from the Bay. Production is by the North Bay's Matthias. A hot new sound to knock your eardrums around..

Info on the album below..

Check it out for yourself at You can preview the album in its entirety.

Will be available for D/L today on 9/9 on Itunes and Amazon

Holla Back..

Dz Nutts Radio
Jan 27, 2008
Never got to introduce Krypto to F.L.O. My networkin is slippen!
I'm sure Indecent knows F.L.O. from somewhere.
i introduced them back n april . flo was diggin kryptos delivery and that sean t beat.. yeah my boi indo knows EEERRRRBODY!!!

flo was tryin to get on my radio show.. tell that dude to hit me up if he still wants to.. he sent me a text to tune into his radio show in frisco a couple months ago, but lost his #.

oh yeah, tel him i can hook him up w/ that lil freak of mine he was jockin, that short and curvey one w/ the blonde streeks