OT:Matic Lee "Smoke and a Mirror" new album

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May 31, 2006
My favorites are; Buzz Lightyear, Smoke Session, Work Out, Hollow, Smoke and A Mirror. The others are good too, the only track I really skip is tellmewachuwan.

Would of liked to have Open Wide on here. That was an awesome track.

Keep up the good music Matic.


Sicc OG
May 22, 2008
Your critiques crack me up. Cause your recordings are top notch huh?

Negativity aside, lovin your shit still matic. Just in time too, the lady was askin if you had anything new coming. I tried to give your disco thread a visit to re download some of the older cuts, but most the links were down. Let me know which ones can be paid for, and ill happily go that route as well. For the older ones, can we get an upload?
My opinion was that the whole thing was dope but the audio is seriously low...thats the only critique. What does that have to do with my recordings? Just bring the volume up, its not a matter of quality. Damn mane.

Dope shit though and I second the older stuff getting another upload.