OT:FIRST DEGREE "Dont Be My Pleasure" Movie! ...from FAH COLLECTABLES!

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May 8, 2002
Itss heereeee!!

1. First Degree The D.E.
"Fahrenheit Collectables, D.E.'s Story"

20 years of most premier of slap! Fahrenheit Records presents the classic collection of Sactown's darkest, gangsta intellectual First Degree The D.E., at his finest! We have put together all The D.E's hit songs, from the beginning to now! Be part of the history of the 91Siccness! A three disc set!

Check out the "Dont Be My Pleasure" short film from "D.E's Story!"

The "Fahrenheit Collectables" series is a 7 albums set, classic collections of that Sactewt gangsta shiiit at its best! Heres a list of the albums...

1. Fahrenheit Collectables, D.E's Story (3 disc)
2. Fahrenheit Collectables, Brotha Lynch Hung, and First D.E.
3. Fahrenheit Collectables, Gangsta Collabs (Lynch, Mac Dre, B Legit, Andre Nickatina, Spice 1, Smoov-E, Be Gee, and more) (2 disc)
4. Fahrenheit Collectables, D.E. Melodies (2 disc)
5. Fahrenheit Collectables, Instrumania Series
6. Fahrenheit Collectables, First D.E. and P-Folk-A-Rama
7. Fahrenheit Collectables, Fahrenheit Underbelly Trilogy (comin soon)

For more info and covers, visit the Fahrenheit Records message board!
Jul 6, 2002
What I liked the most was those were actual damn near word for word disses directed towards D.E. by different people of course but all compiled into this one demon of hate, gotta love the creativity here. Good shit D.E., very honest portrait using a classic track.