Open letter to all Street Level Records fans, supporters and of course the haters...

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Apr 25, 2002
Thanks for all the good bangin ass music homeboy. Dont let these internet thugs talk shit or affect you at all. I know how it feels to put in your own money and not get thanks back. Seems like the only time you do get thanks is when something goes wrong with a planned project then people wanna bitch why it didnt happen. You know what im sayin homie. Anyhow good luck and try and take some time to focus on your fam dogg. I know how wrapped up you can get in your work, but put the fam first.
Jul 27, 2005
aw man this situation is all bad and at a time when I myself am in the beginning stages of my own company...but you know what i been on here for a few years and have seen you do some things; that alone is inspiration for me. i wish you the best of luck with your productions and all future endeavors. mos def one of the folks to put NW on the map in my eyes. peace.
Dec 24, 2005

We had several conversations regarding what you posted....

I know 1st hand about running a label, sinking time and money (1/2 the time that you don't really have) and putting your heart and soul into it, to only have the artists refuse to hit the streets and do their part to make the release a success...It took me clearing the roster and hittin the streets myself before the inventory was liquidated...I took all of 06 off to just chill and re-evaluate...I now have a retail store as you know and it's doing real well...The break from babysittin has been great...I plan to drop another Inde Sessions cd, but have no timetable to do so...And guess what- that's how I wan't it.....

We see the South and East, and now the Mid West blowin up..Why? Because the artists do what it takes to get noticed...

No knock on any NW artists, but this is real and you all need to also step back and evealuate your chosen trade...In the end, you will wake up and realise you fucked your life off on a dream that you really did not strive for....If this is what you REALLY want, then step it up and make it happen! In the end, will you let you down? Do not rely on people like D Sane..YOU have to make it happen as well!

It takes a 'wise man' to know when to step and move forward...As my pop would say, "the fastest way out of a hole is to STOP DIGGIN"

I look forward to big things from you, be it from production or the label..

I always have your back homie!!

PS- any childish replies will not be responded to by me!


Steve O
Washington State's ONLY Record Label,
Concert Promoter, Retail Store & Double OG! - YA DIG?