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Apr 25, 2002
Fresh from the press and direct to the streets! The long awaited album from The Hit-Men is here!

19 tracks produced by: Platinum producers The Diaz Brothers, Battlecat, Larry K, Gemstone & Peter Parker

You might know these guys from the group II Sicc straight from the south Bay Area of the 408!!!

Originally they hit the scene in 1999 with the underground hit release "Judgement Day", they then followed up in 2001 with what some call a Bay Area classic album titled "Talez From The Sicc" which featured such Northern Cali rap stars like San Quinn, C-Bo, Cellski, Hollow Tip, Totally Insane, Andre Nickatina, Mob Figgaz, Mr. Kee and many others. They toured all over the U.S, ever since doing shows with major Bay Area artists like B-Legit, Andre Nickatina, RBL Posse, Celly Cel and thats just to name a few. They also have produced songs with Young Noble of Tupac's Outlawz, Spice 1, C-Lim and many others. They later in 2006 digitally released a underground mixtape titled "The Bluez Brothers" which was a group effort with C-Lim who has since signed with Tech 9ines record label Strange Music, along with Brotha Lynch Hung.

After a long lay off, they were able to bring you this NEW cd mostly produced by well known producers who only deliver platinum hits named The Diaz Brothers! They produced most of Pitbulls 1st cd with Lil Jon and then have since worked with Trick Daddy, G-Unit, Kanye West, Twista and many other major acts. They have produced 13 of the 19 tracks on this album. Along with 2 tracks from L.A. Super producer Battlecat!

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1- The Hit-Men
2- What U Kno?
3- Jockin
4- Gorillaz
5- Choppaz
6- Poplock
7- B&C
8- Can U Feel It (Ft. Ruel) -Remix
9- By Any Means
10- Salute 2 My Soljuhz
11- Flowsicc
12- Chokehold
13- Tippin Pedistals
14- Sometimes
15- If U Aint Bay
16- Off Some Shit (Pt. 2)
17- Keep It Pimpin
18- S.A.B. (Ft. Mr. Maki)
19- Can U Feel It (Ft. Ruel)

To Buy, or listen to any of these tracks, you can listen visit I-Tunes, Spotify, Rhapsody or any other major online distributor... But if you want a actual hard copy, this is the only place you can get one. This is a rare chance to get yours, so get it while supplies last!!!

Go and listen before you buy, you wont be disappointed!!!

Apr 25, 2002
I was just listenin to Tales from the sicc the other day.....slapp
Love that cd! This album is on a similar level, except we cut the features... since were a group of 3 and we have done the feature thing, we wanted to not water the album down and decided to just let people hear us as a gimmicks, nothin but slaps and lyrics!