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Jul 7, 2005
If you're a seller.

If you're a seller on ebay. Watch out for:

*Buyers who don't pay their bill. Pay attention to all buyers feedback.
*New buyers, because they worry about getting Jacked. You need to keep in contact with them if they ask you a question. You need to do this so they don't leave you Negative feedback pre-maturely. They always think the worst is happening to them.
*Buyers who say that they didn't get their item. Always send the item with comfirmation no matter how much or how little they spent. I charge enough shipping and handling to cover this amount. I charge $4 for the first item, because shipping for one CD within the US costs about $1.50 + another .50 cents for tracking + .70 cents for the padded envelope and the rest of the amount comes out of what you had to pay Pay Pal to receive the money. P.S. Gas cost too. Remember...the buyer is responsible for ALL costs.
*Buyers who say that the item was broke. Never refund for the item UNTIL you receive the item back in it's original condition. Refund it once you get it back. P.S. make sure to check it before you send it, so the buyer doesn't swap his old item for yours. I always leave a tiny special mark on my items, so I can tell if it's been swapped. If the item was brand new and sealed...I wouldn't refund anything.
*Buyers who don't understand feedback. These are the type of customers that leave Negative feedback because they didn't like a song on the CD. What does this have to do with you? Nothing, but it happens.
*Buyers with buyers remorse. These are the vendictive customers who wants to return the item, but can't give you a real reason for wanting to return the product. If you say NO, they'll usually leave Retaliation Feedback. I had one try to say that I was Racist before and I couldn't believe it. I'm a Black Male in America! I know how racism feels almost every day and would never wish that type of treatment upon anybody. But hey, it didn't stop him from using it in their feedback.
*Ebay and Pay Pal. They don't give a fuck as long as their bottom line was met. ie. They got paid it doesn't matter.
*Scammers from Africa, Checz Republic and etc. They usually say that they represent a client or something like that.
*Non-Buyers who want you to burn something for them. My store is for collectors, not moochers. What would be the purpose of me selling my items if I were to burn copies for everybody and their momma? I've done this before and this guy kept coming back almost everyday and ask me to burn more and more CD's for him. It just became a problem, so I just stopped doing it period. He never bought shit, just Mooched. You're a Seller, NOT Napster!!! Lol!

Theres a lot more to list, but I'm going to stop right here and give you some suggestions. Quote me on this..."Remember that you're a Business and Businesses makes profit. Not friends"!!! So every time a hater speaks on you, don't trip and don't take it personal. It's the nature of the Business. They want to save as much money as possible and you want to get as much money as possible. Therefore buyers and sellers do clash. Just don't trip. P.S. I have a business model and you need one as well, because it will seperate you from the rest of the sellers. I refuse to sell any Re-Releases, Re-Pressing, Bootleg's or any other CD or Item that isn't original. Anybody who's seen my store or has purchased something from me knows this to be true. This is what I want my clients to know and understand. It really sucks as a buyer when you pay a lot for a CD that you thought was an Original, only to find out later that it's a re-release. I'm a buyer a lot of the time too, so I do relate to the buyers pain, even though they may not always see it that way. My customers will always get the best. Yes, it may cost you, but you can rest assure that it's the real deal when you buy from me. Last but not least, Use your best judgement before you make any decision. Integrity is the most important thing for any buyer or seller. Have integrity in every decision that you make.