Oh shit Flesh N Bone cussing Krayzie out on the radio damm! New Bone Album!

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Dec 3, 2009
damm Flesh just cussed Krayzie out and talked mad shit about him
in this interview.
Listen to part one for the good parts...

Damm and Flesh Said Layzie, Bizzy and Flesh .. are gonna
make the new Bone album... he dissed Krayzie and Wish..

listen to the radio interview here
part 1 is the bottom one


Bone is not over! Just cause Krayzie left..
they're doing a worldwide.. mutha fucking tour..
and a new mutha fuckin album... as Flesh Bone said!!!

they hopefully bring back the East 99.. ouija board shit..
and Mo Murda shit...
Apr 25, 2002
I agree With Flesh on the issue of "if one quits dont mean its over for bone" But I disagree with him saying krayzie and wish are wack. I think its immature and stupid to say if he gets on stage we walk. I mean grow up but then again I am only hearing one side of the story
Feb 8, 2003
bone is dead and that style is played out to the fullest,. Krayzie will have a sucessful solo career bc he changing and growing with times and dont wanna keep tryna bring back a group that keeps failing each release. flesh just salty listen to how angry he gets in that stupid interview. flesh shouldnt be calling krayzie broke bc krayzie made more money then him while he was sitting in the cell.they all broke thats why they frustrated. flesh just hating on krayzie talking about the chamillionaire song how the fuck would he know bc he was in prison the time that dropped. also if krayzie & wish so wack like flesh said then why he say both them on his album smh nigga sound so condfused or this sounds like a publicity stunt now.