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Feb 10, 2006
post up yah random things youve done/found in GTA4
example: (vice city,,,,going into the police station / pd dept. there was a dildo in the locker room you could kill cops wit)

or in gta4 you can shoot the statue of libertys heart..sorrry for the spolier

but shit, i hope gta4 has many hidden easter eggs/ random goodness they aint let us know about

but post up any thang you think we dont know or wanna know about, cuz i beat tha gam a few days ago & im @ 75.75% done
Sep 22, 2003
Note-Some of these are from, and some are mine.

-When I was racing I saw a billboard that said "Squids Row", and on the last island their is a sunken boat in the water, the same drug boat you destroy in GTA III.
-If you manage to make inside the Statue of Happiness their is a beating heart in it.
-There is a Statue of Liberty shirt in front of the statue, where people enter to tour it.
-Not sure if this is an easter egg but, if you complete all the assassian missions you unlock the Assassains Greed achivement, a refrence to Assassians Creed.
-*SPOILER* If you kill Playboy X instead of Dwayne you get his house, inside his house in the closet were you change clothes their is clothes Claude (the main character in GTA 3) wears in GTA III.
-The face on the Statue of Happiness is suppose to be of Hilary Clinton.
-There is a serial killer on the lose in Liberty City, and during the night on the third island his across from a used car dealer place in a alley, approach him and he'll ask you to take him to dump some "items" he has in a bag.
-I don't know if this works but, when you got out with Roman, usually drinking, when you drop him off park next to a car so he can't get out, he'll then throw you out of the car and take it for himself.
-After the mission Shadow (were you and Little Jacob kill the drug dealers) there is wall near the apartment that says RIP CJ, Toni, Remember Tommy-ur my hero...
-Need to know a song? Call ZIT, or 948-555-0155(I think that's right, not sure, Brucie should E-mail you the number) and they'll tell you the name of the song.
-When you go bowling chose the last lane, when he picks up the ball go two steps to your left and push back on the analog stick, count to 1 and push foward just your about to count to 2, it must be straight and you should get a strike everytime.
-Go to and it should show you a ton of thing around Liberty City, like sub-mission you can unlock.
-Or go to, and it's a conspiracy website.
Health And Weapons Call GTA-555-0100
Weapons Call GUN-555-0150
Advanced Weapons Call GUN-555-0100
Health Call DOC-555-0100
Wanted Level Down Call COP-555-0100
Wanted Level Up Call COP-555-0150
Climate Change Call HOT-555-0100
Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call CAR-555-0142
Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call MBK-555-0150
Spawn FBI Buffalo Call CAR-555-0100
Spawn Turismo Call CAR-555-0147
Spawn NRG900 Call MBK-555-0100
Spawn Comet Call CAR-555-0175
Spawn SuperGT Call CAR-555-0168
Spawn Police Chopper Call FLY-555-0100
Spawn Jetmax(Boat) Call WET-555-0100

That's all for now...
Feb 10, 2006
websites found so far in GTA4 (goto your internet ingame

Check them out ingame:
Nov 20, 2005
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That's just her way of being salty about NOT being a mod. :hurt:
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