Official “Best Film of 2012” nomination thread

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Apr 25, 2002
OK here is the Idea. Nominate the ten best movies of 2012 and then I’ll make a poll to decide the winner.

The problem is we need movies to do this.

So before we get to voting on which movie we like best we need the movies to vote on.

Read the directions:

Here is a list of films from 2012:

So in the reply to this thread list your Top 3 favorite movies of 2012.

If you list only one movie then only one will be counted. If you list 10 movies only the first 3 you list will be used. If someone suggests the same movie as you that is ok because the movies suggested the most will be guaranteed a spot in the poll.

Because this could take forever I’ll only count the movies that get suggested within the next week. That means after 11:59pm 01/18/13 none of the suggestions will be counted.
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May 14, 2002
I didn't watch many on this list, the ones I did see where

Searching for Sugar Man
The Raid: Redemption
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia