Oct. 21st Too $hort/Suga Free - Spokane

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Dec 4, 2006
Well, suga free wasn't in the billin'. Too short was dope when he finally hit the stage. Sqeek nutty was dope as hell, never heard of him but he did good. Couple other opening acts I didn't remember their names but had me giggin'!!

squeek nutty bug is an OG, hes been around since the G-Funk era

the reason i woulda gone to that was to see Suga Free, damn that woulda had me kinda upset... Short is always good tho, ive just seen him tho already, always wanted to see Suga in WA
Jun 1, 2004
Squeek was dope, he walked on stage kinda mumblin in the mic. Then a beat cut on and he was gassin, I didn't think he was serious cuz of his voice but then he was just on the beat like a mutha fucka. I was hoping they woulda been slangin their own CDs but there wasn't shit. Ima have to check some more of his stuff out. I video recorded one song he did but sound is horrible on my phone, nothing but rumbling bass.