@ nostril treats (crack is not the answer) you and your nutt riderz net siderz gather

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Apr 25, 2002
i know you like to play on the net nostril treats.just cause you know i have a disability don't mean the shit you talk effects me.if you want me to be mad your lying to yourself.so the rise you get hangin off every movement i make on the siccness is false pride.not once did you ever come with fact like a sucka!so like the lame you are, you get everything twisted,, i don't play for "net rep" like you.so whut can you harm?i don't play games.especially on the net.so go back to work for that shitty check you get while you struggle and hate yourself for being a fag.nerd!check your mouth and use that time you use playing superior on the siccness to figure out your own weak meaning in life.ponder that...