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Had a hard time finding this one.... I saw a copy for sale on Amazon for $129.00... lol..
Thought I'd share it with ya!

Triple 6
Hustlin 4 My Paper​

01 - Intro
02 - Gravediggaz
03 - Hustlin 4 My Paper
04 - Interlude
05 - Walkin Assassins 2
06 - Hellbound
07 - Interlude
08 - Bloodthirst
09 - Flatline
10 - Outro
11 - No One Loves You
12 - Fightin Cases

LINK: Triple 6 - Hustlin' 4 My Paper

This was done under my first account here.... don't know what happened to it.... it was a long time ago... but I am just relisting this link....

DropBox changed shit around and screwed up all my links for download.

I updated the link....I love this album still.... hate to see it disappear like so many other CD's ...

LINK: Triple 6 - Hustlin' 4 My Paper
bro, that is one that ive never seen!!! you are not the only person ive seen request that joint either... back in the day i remember a couple homies of mine searching for that one... i have only seen vol 2
There isn't a Volume 1.... Not by Young Soprano. I don't know why he called it Vol. 2.... Maybe he was planning or working a collab that never made it out....

Hell... he don't even go by Young Soprano

He calls himself "Prano Tha Don" now.

I think Imma hit him up and ask him about it... lol... He prolly won't answer, but, I've seen him pop into conversations online out of nowhere just to put his piece in...ya never know..!