Northwest Breakout Show Bar 4 Bar Segment #2

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Apr 25, 2002
Thanks for everyone that submitted music for the Bar 4 Bar segment on the Northwest Breakout show. The first weeks winner was none other then Diezel P of Portland. He will serve as the first week champion and will face the new challenger.

I am attaching this weeks track to this email, and please record your 16 and get it in no later then Thursday of this week. Again, this is open to all artists for the NW region.

Download Track here

This Saturday Dec. 20th we will be doing the 2nd Bar 4 Bar segment on the NW Breakout show on Jammin 107.5. The Bar 4 Bar segment will put the hottest 16 bars from 2 artists against each other and the winner will move on to the next week to compete against the next competitor.

I am attaching this weeks instrumental to this email, and I am hoping that you will all record your hottest clean 16 bar verse. We will pick the 2 hottest submissions, and they will be put against each other in head to head competition.

This competition is open to all NW artists, and please feel free to pass this along to other NW artists.

The winner will win a gift pack and will move on to compete the following week against the next challenger. I would need your submissions sent to [email protected] by Friday evening Dec. 19th and label it Bar 4 Bar segment.

I look forward to hearing your submission.