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Sep 28, 2005
EY man, Im originally from Cleveland, Ohio...but I moved out here bout 7 yr ago an I can tell you that tha NWESST has got it bangin' on...I mean these cats Crytical and tha whole SLR crew is str8 FIRE...just keep on grindin and doing they thang man. Lets Rep tha 206-253 an 360. In my opinion tha NWest needs is PROMOTION..PROMOTION..PROMTION..Period!! Gettin tha werd out from tha streets and reppin tha whole damn culture out here and where yalll come from. I wanna start promotin an reppin tha Sea-Town an T-Town to tha fullest and i am ready to post up flyers, I am working on a website to promote local area artists in tha rap game...Im not talkin bout bullshit...Im talkin bout tha PAC NWEST RAP G.A.M.E....thats what Im talkin bout an interested in puttin work into.

SHIT GONNA BE DOPE WHEN ITS READY ILl keep it posted when I get it together.