Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection premiering Thurs @ 10 am

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Aug 18, 2002
Please tune into this Thursday @ 10 am PST for the premier of “R8R & L-wood Present Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection” 4 disc mix.

Track listings & info:

We are real excited to bring you our biggest undertaking yet and promise it has something new for everyone! Hope you guys can listen in and share with us what you think.

We are now taking pre-orders and expect hard copies in stock soon. Once in, pre-orders will ship out the same day. This is a 4 disc CD-R release of limited quantity (250) with no digital purchase options.



Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
Big thank you to Fila & for putting us on and everyone for tuning in. We know it was a large chunk of air time so we appreciate STR playing it in full!

We only pressed 250 copies so get your pre-orders in while supplies last. Please see the signature for details.

For those that missed it and for listeners overseas there will be a 3am PST re-airing tonight. Please spread the word! Peace