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Mr Ceza

Xplosive Magazine
Jul 10, 2002


Story and photo by Mr Ceza

Nick Peace has been producing records for the past 15 years. His first cassette he ever put out was the Andre Nickatina single Fu#@ Them H@#s. Since then he’s worked with numerous artists such as Equipto, Nocturnal Hustlers, Mike Marshall, Smoov-E, and Andre Nickatina. It’s now the 4th quarter 2007 and Million Dollar Dream is about to drop part 2 to one his biggest projects to date. Keeping up with the technology of today Nick Peace has also just launched Million Dollar Digital, a place where you will be able to download his whole catalog including tons of new and old recordings. We met at his new restaurant Village Dog. It’s located at 6112 LaSalle Ave. Oakland, off the Hwy 13. He sells the best Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, French Fries and Onion Rings. I got my grub on before we talked, thanks Nick. The food was awesome and very fresh, they’re open everyday from 10am-8pm.
“My most recent releases are Mob Trial 2 and Million Dollar Digital. Mob Trial 2 features Jacka, Rydah J.Klyde and Fed-X of the Mob Figaz. Part 3 will feature Jacka, AP.9 and Fed-X of the Mob Figaz. Our leadoff album for Million Dollar Digital will be Equipto 4 Ever In A Day and 4 Ever In A Night. It’s 2 eight song projects available online. Then I’m dropping Equipto 4 Ever In A Day which includes both projects for stores. I also have Nocturnal Hustlers, one of my favorite groups out of the Bay Area (Savage C and K-Dinero from San Mateo). They’re first 2 projects will be After Midnight and Till Sunrise. Those will be they’re first 2 projects on Million Dollar Digital,” said Nick Peace. Before you put out Mob Trial 1 you had another trilogy you put out? Nick Peace jumps in and says, “That was actually called the Trifecta CD Collection. That was Andre Nickatina & Equipto-Horns & Halos 1, 2, & 3. Basically over a year period, we recorded 3 albums. All late night sessions, we started after midnight. It’s actually a pick up from the Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes and Alibis that Andre Nickatina and Equipto did. It’s basically 3 albums of raps. Basically the first album didn’t really have any hooks on it, just back to back raps. It was late night collecting beats from different producers throughout the Bay. Andre and Equipto would come in every night and put down raps. Horns & Halos, Horns & Halos 2-Gunmouth 4 Hire were put out by Million Dollar Dream and Horns & Halos Bullet Symphony which Fillmoe Coleman put out.” I asked him if he planned to work with Andre Nickatina again soon, he said yes on the Million Dollar Digital, but that’s about it for now.
I really want to know, why you put together these Mob Trial albums? Nick Peace replied, “I was looking for something new beyond Nickatina. I was really feeling The Jacka. I really wanted to do a solo project with him. But his camp kind of had that locked down, they wanted to do they’re own solo projects. So I invented a way to get him on an album. It also wasn’t gonna be as hard as getting a solo project from him. So I came up with the Mob Trial concept, where I got a few songs from Jacka, a few from AP.9 and a few from Husalah right before he went into the pen. Then I got them to rap on some songs together and made an album out of it, the Mob Trial Trilogy.” Nick Peace’s Million Dollar Dream Records also has a new AP.9 album dropping called Mobstar. Nick Peace loves to travel back in forth to Italy, he gains a lot of inspiration there. Last trip when he came back he recorded his 1st all beat CD-Nick Peace-Dope Tracks 4 Rap Cats. His goal is getting 100 new songs up on Million Dollar Digital by the end of next year. Good Luck, we’ll be here the whole way to tell you all bout it.