New website Monrose Massage Parlour

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Jan 27, 2006
Check it out:

I got together with George Badea to create this website. George did the design and I did the development.

Since the website launched the clients business has increased by 30%. We will be rolling out a phase two project to attract more relevant traffic by competing for search phrases they currently don't appear on page one for.

We are interested in knowing what anyone thinks about:
  • the design
  • the functionality
  • the usability

What can be improved, what works and what doesnt work?

Another option I am looking at raising in the future is getting the customers to use the site for exclusive deals or promotional offers and the only way I can think of doing this is through the twitter feed (latest news). If anyone can think of some suggestions on how to get customers to mention something only accessible via the website that would be cool.

If anyone is in England and wants to go to Monrose then I highly recommend Elouise!