New song!!!

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Jefe De Los Pollos
Aug 12, 2005
Definitely an improvement from when you first started.. Who made the beat? That shit was hard man.. The hook was coo kinda catchy.. Your voice makes it kinda hard for me to pay attention to your lyrics but other than that it was good song..
Mar 17, 2010
It was something i was trying out,i appreciate the feedback the good n the bad ones,i gotta mix it down a bit better i do agree on my voice i'm still working on trying to not get to worked up on songs lol,i think my rhymes n wordplay have gotten better from when i started to now i appreciate the love support and the feedback stuff like this helps me to better and improve my flaws..thanks

AKAZIE @AKAZIE this was a subliminal diss track to you for taking long on that twisted insane verse...haha na
Apr 9, 2013
because these lames around here never see a girl on the forum(its kinda like to them a girl walking by a construction site) ..its rare so...IDK just sayin..they fags for the most part except for a few homies are coo..
Thank you for that rob rize. Im a married women but im also a singer so im just on this shit to see whats good with music! ;) lmao I was like hold up wtf is this a dateing website now