New Hollowtip video go!

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May 7, 2013
TF is this bullshit.

not to be an asshole but i always found it funny when people gang bang and do bad shit and then years later become some god speaking retards... go fuck yourself. (thats for all religions)
Some people use religion, some use their children, some find another purpose to put their energy into something positive to change their old ways and help others not fall into a trap. I can't fault anyone for deciding on a different way other than the streets cuz the streets will chew you up and spit you out without blinking and not a give a single fucc. What you live by you will die by.

I find it funny when faggots put their children in the same bullshit they were a part of, that's that real bullshit.
I have been a huge Hollow Tip Fan since Taking No Shorts 1 first dropped. I have bought and Slapped every album he has put out with no questions asked, just pure respect and wanting to support his Rap Career. I first heard him Rapping about being Muslim on the 2-Sav 2 album with Mic-C. At first I thought it was funny because Muslims are not supposed to drink alcohol, do drugs, commit crimes and disrespect women, but if you listen to his albums that's all he talks about: Gangbanging-Trappin'-Pimping Girls on the Streets and the Internet, he definitely sends a lot of mixed messages to the streets. If he really is a full blown Muslim now I will support him and he still has a huge catalog of albums to Knock through the North High. Much respect to Hollow Tip. R.I.P P-Folks