New Dayton Family "Prostitute Killer"

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Sep 16, 2002
Sounds good!! Might peep that... Whatever happened to Ghetto E tho??? U know I always thought Backstabber & E are the same dude; wit E as he other alias??? Hell!! idk???
Ghetto E is Bootleg's brother. He took Backstabber's place when Backstabber went to jail in 95. E hasn't recorded anything since the Dopehouse album album that I know of so I don't know what's up w/ him.
Apr 30, 2008
Ever since The Dayton Family has been signed to Hatchet House, Juggalos everywhere have been shoutin’ that they want to hear the Flint legends spit the wicked shit! Y’all got a taste with their debut single “Prostitute Killer” and it was widely agreed that shit was so dope that no one could wait to hear more! Well, we’re bringin’ the good news and droppin’ bombs all over your heads!

The Dayton Family’s first official release from Hatchet House titled Psycho will be an EP containing SIX brand new songs! Shit that you’ve never heard before with that Dayton Family flair that people know and love! The six brand new tracks will be comin’ from their first full length album, Charges of Indictment, which will be in stores everywhere later this year!

But if you can’t wait that long (We know we can’t!) then Psycho is the way to go! The album will be officially droppin’ on on February 1st! It’s your introduction to The Dayton Family. Then? Watch the fuck out because shit is going to get BUCK-FUCKIN’-WILD!