NEED BEATS?????????

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Apr 25, 2002
NOT 2 SANE PRODUCTIONS is at your service.

Looking for some musical variety for your album? Got a song that needs that perfect beat.....but you haven’t found one you like yet? Add some heat to your project from one of the most prolific producers in the Northwest! I am currently accepting addresses from interested parties who would like to receive beat CD samplers. Please e-mail your address to me at [email protected] and be sure to put BEAT CD in the subject line.

You may have heard of me, my label Street Level Records (we have a message board on here as well), or my work on such projects as Full Time Soldiers.....I.K. – “Kash Me Out”.....Syko - "Sykotherapy" and Byrdie - "Poetic Epidemic"....which received major radio play around the Northwest earlier this year. I have produced about 10 albums worth of material and have been making beats for approx. 13 years. You will also be hearing cats such as Lynch, X-Raided, Messy Marv, A-Wax, D.E., 151, Killa Tay and more......spittin' over my beats very soon on upcoming projects. My music is also some of the most downloaded stuff on close to 350,000 downloads to date. All of which is available to check out in my signature.

For a limited time......slumps are goin' for $250 (firm) a piece and I will be making bulk deals. So jump on this before they're all bought up........

Beats are in the 70-100 bpm range......and are sure to make you wanna cry......get high.....or put in some work! I will start sending them out in about a week or so.....and it's gonna be first come first serve!


Mr. D-Sane
Street Level Records
Apr 25, 2002
All you squares out there, make sure that you holler at my boy D-Sane about some of these fire tracks. That is a very nice price that he is offering for his work, and any smart man should jump on that shit. Support indi hip-hop, and indi producers. Niggaz gotta eat. Fa Real Do!