My radio show tonight

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Sicc OG
Aug 8, 2003
if i get the chance ill definately tune in... maybe this will be my only radio show if u play some good shit homie
Apr 25, 2002
this was my playlist for my halloween show.

sicx- killig fields
fu vol 1 - that's why they die
mass 187 - 187 for life
NBG - dark path
syn - icon of syn
lynch - 1 of da last sicc (S&C) by DJ Loon
first degree- link in the chain
Big Lurch -
lynch & sicx - Devils and gunsmoke
welcome to your death
return of da baby
track I got from some cat's mixtape
jedi mind tricks - executioners dream
rjd2 - the horror
cage - ??
lynch - die 1 by 1
lynch - rest in piss(S&C) by 915 click
corpse came to dinner
c-bo autopsy(S&C) by dj screw
phonk beta - bad dreams
1 nigga dead
necro - murda ya life ft. Michael Jackson( samples I always feel like)
Tru- I always feel like from Dj Screw Blasphemy
let the screw tape run into Warren G Smoke me up or something like that

It was my halloween show that's why it's so much siccmade shit. Trying to edit that shit is rough but it's going over the air on JMU's radio station in Harrisonburg, VA