my bad if this was posted but...

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Evergreen Hustlah
Sep 13, 2005
Tha Eva Green
...ight so a few days ago, my fam was bout to fill out a missing persons report on my older cuzzin....than low and behold we found her...

Yolo County authorities seized more than 150 pounds of cocaine Monday in one of their largest drug busts in the past two years.

Bill Olson, commander of the Yolo Narcotic Enforcement Team, said the total street value of the cocaine amounted to $5.8 million. A gram of cocaine sells for about $80 on the streets.

A California Highway Patrol officer discovered the stash during a traffic stop on Interstate 5 just north of Woodland about 9:30 p.m.

He had spotted a northbound 2004 Ford Expedition weaving in and out of traffic at more than 90 mph.

He pulled over the driver, Lucretia Iris James, 32, of Washington. When she could not answer some basic questions, the officer became suspicious, Olson said.

"She was a little evasive and nervous," he said.

The officer deployed a drug-detection dog, which alerted him to the rear of the vehicle. He found 71 brick-size packages of cocaine, each weighing 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds, on the seats.

James was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine for sale and transportation of cocaine, Olson said. She was booked into Yolo County jail on a $850,000 bail and is considered a flight risk, Olson said.

now i'm sorry, i don't feel sorry for ppl who get busted doing stupid things...not even family gets a pass cuz i figure they should already know...but yeah, i think she got really nervous...i don't think she uses although i could be wrong...btw this happened on the 11th of march in woodland in cali....i'll prolly head down that way pretty soon to visit her

Ghost Dance

America's Nightmare
Nov 1, 2007
Oak Park...916
woodlands a little city bout 20 min outside SAC...I remember seeing this shit on the news when I was locked up...but yeah I dont know were there sellin tony for 80 a gram but shiiiiit let me hit a knock