Munk Debate HD Political Correctness Jordan Peterson, Stephen Fry, Michael Dyson, Mic

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Jun 21, 2016

On the debate, the official results are in.

Con wins with a 6% vote gain.

On the debaters

Mrs Goldberg was pleasant and sensible, open to the debate. She made a good point about groups not having individual rights throughout history. On her gender quotas wanting more minorities in power, she is failing to take into account what % they make in the population and besides, I'm against this because you are not getting the best and brightest and hiring solely based on them being a minority. She said she wasn't aware of censorship, but you only need to look at twitter and Facebook for example. I disagree with her on only calling the left out when they get violent, I agree with Peterson that it should be at their radical ideals. Lastly, she made a good point about the me too movement and that it was only the worst offenders that lost their jobs and did advocate for due process. Good point about women being threatened for voicing their opinion.

Jordan Peterson was good, but did get emotional at one point. Made good points on the collectivists grouping and the battle between groups as divisive. Excellent point on equality of outcome being the difference between the sensible left and radical left. Great point on said groups then not being responsible and using injustices from the past as an excuse. Excellent point on asking what % of white privilege he has lol. Did well calling out Dyson on his constant race baiting and victim hood. Acknowledges the right goes too far as well.

Michael Dyson was poor and appealing to emotion at almost every turn. Doesn't understand who the radical left are. Antifa? Hello? Constantly playing the race card and bringing up slavery, when Fry pointed out that many different people have been victims of slavery. Blaming white people for inventing groups of people (lol) and now wanting those groups to conform. Minimized slavery in ancient times. Lumping the minority of the radical right with the right, such as the confederate retards in the south.

Stephen Fry was the best of the lot. Very grounded, started of trying to stop the divide between all sides. Very relateable and human. Wants the same thing as most sides but disagrees in the ways to achieve it (like me). Great quotes "'prefer to be right than to be effective" & ""you can be diverse but not diverse in your opinion, your language or your behavior" Fantastic point about political correctness from the right by using homophobia in Russia as an example. Very pro democracy (I love him for that). Encourages people to speak out and not limit language as it doesn't help. Great parting shot on Dyson calling him a snake oil salesman.

All in all, this was a decent debate. I was impressed with Mrs Goldberg, even though I disagree with her, she was conveying her side better than Dyson. Fry was the standout though, I think he did the best.
Apr 4, 2006
PC culture is just a form of authoritarianism.

Dr. Peterson is one of the last few sane individuals left in academia, and he clearly sees the dangers of political correctness. Political correctness is nothing more than a tool used to get people accustomed to authoritarianism, to get sheep used to giving up their rights for the "greater good".... It's cultural Marxism.