Mr. Drizzy aka Drake

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Apr 27, 2009

So basically, f*** the lil video, the thing that caught my attention was minute 1:45-1:55 when drake is basically bangin, now im not sure if he know that he just banged on ever rip[maybe thats y he backtracced, but he said it so that back track after the line dont count] or is he so caught up in this modern hip hop "gangser rap" that he thinks its ok, so is this nigga gone be doin videos with cherry rags around his neck next?....i mean i know he from toronto but i know they bangin out there too

meaning of the post was to expose this fake so next time you have a convo wit ya homboy or homegirl about this fake gangsta rappin, you can source this song
Feb 7, 2006
he's not a faake ganagsta rapper he for girls, and all that blues clues suwoop shit is because of LIL WAYNE, the real fake gangsta rapper.