Mr DOG Update!

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Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
DOG is doin real good right now, and wanted me to holler at y'all and let you know the deally. Here is what the homie looks like now, and, as you can see (in his own words): "i slimmed up a tad bit." And I would be remiss if i didn't include his second set of quotations: "Put this picture up on the Siccness and on RapTalk...They say out of site [sic], out of mind. That means i want to be seen....Plus, it will make you look cool for having pictures of a playa. [Italics mine]"

I will not post transcripts of our correspondence, but i will tell you that DOG is still his same ole dynamic self, in my case, putting me up on game and giving me some valuable "Biz" advice during times where I needed it most. Right now, he's just chillin for the most part, working on some things and learning Arabic. Apparently, thus far he has "learned all the letters" and is going from there. (And if you don't realize how much work that is, it takes about 15-20 hours to get down with INSTRUCTION, let alone self-teaching.)

He has told me that he has his "Wet" Re-Release and "Diabolical Deeds & Street Luv" both ready to go, and is already half-way into the 'Diabolical' follow-up album. And i can't really elaborate much on this next point, but it seems as though homie is making lots of good connections, elbowing his way around, making some more table space for his Bow Wow Records imprint. The way some of this came about is, Jammin 95 (Portland) has been playing some of his music and the other fellows have been able to hear it and form their own opinions. (For those of you who don't know, DOG is vacationing near Portland). And some of these folks know other folks, and...well, i'm sure you know can see what i'm getting at. Which leads me to my next topic.

This last part i will type verbatim, from the "big kahuna" himself:
"I need you to email Starchile or DJ Juggernaught of Jammin 95 and request them to play some of my joints from all of our albums. The website is [sic]. Also do the same thing at Only this time address the email [sic] to DJ Audio. And email KUBE too! And get as many folks as you can to follow suit. I want to make a big impression in my absence. Like i said earlier, they already playing me on Jamming but I want them to keep playing me ya dig?"

For those of you who need a resume, I will not be typing one. What I will say is that Mr DOG is to the NorthWest what a Keak or Mac Dre is to the Bay. Obviously, we are not "down", but we are definitely not as strong nor potent with him on the sidelines.

To summarize, here are some quick URLs that will help you out: -- For those who aren't up on game, this is where you can find all the info you'll need on the Bow Wow roster. 6 albums in the catalog, dating back to 1998. Guest appearances have included E-40, Bosko, Yukmouth, 3X Krazy, Ras Kass, Suga-T, Cool Nutz, Bullet, and much more. -- Here is the direct link to Jammin 95, where you can request songs from the BWR catalog. The man to address is "Starchile". -- This is the link to the "Non-Stop Hip-Hop" show on KBOO. The address to know here is: [email protected] -- This is the link to the "Future Flavors" show on KUBE 93 Seattle. The address to send your request is: [email protected]

At the risk of sounding whiny for saying this.....from Mac Money to Unexpected Arrival to Bullet to Skuntdunanna, every time one of our locals has came up on KUBE or other stations, i have done my best to throw a few requests their way. So i would appreciate if you all would take a few minutes out and do this for DOG so he can continue to make a big impression!

Thanks for reading.
Oct 19, 2018
Album drops 02/02/19. New videos drop in December and January (Nothing to Something shot by Time Out Visuals and Who I am ft Mac Money & Kalieb Nash. Shot by WRLRD aka Sonny Bonoho) both produced by Jay Uno