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Aug 18, 2003

At first you was settrippn Bloccstyle/now i heard you kickin it with cops now
whut up Loved-Ones!

I have 1 last album on Doc called "Bloccstyle 2" if you go to the new web-site:

you will see the album cover for it. if you want to hear some music hit my page at:

when will it drop? I will keep everybody posted cause i know you all are on the edge of your seats waiting for another Mr. Doctor album to come out, LOL. this will be his last album EVER and he will be offically kicked outta his label and put into retirement with all the other retirees at a rest home in the Gardens on the corner of 29th and glendale. You will be able to see him sportin his blue rag while sitting on the porch in his rocker chair with 100 spoke gold ones, and a shotgun under his quilt that i had my grandmother make for him as a retirement present. Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!