More on the Joey Porter/Levi Jones incident

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May 2, 2002
Jones’ mean streak serves as the perfect foil for Porter’s outlandish ego. Since he established himself in his second season in 2003, the 300-pound Jones pretty much contained the 250-pound Porter in those steel cage matches with Pittsburgh. Part of the reason critics ripped the Dolphins' signing of Porter is because he “disappeared” against elite tackles like Jones.

Jones says Porter has been baiting him for years off the field until finally a few weeks ago Jones says (and a police report concurs) that Porter and his entourage attacked him with punches. Jones also says he had two necklaces stolen in the incident “and they just mysteriously show up at the casino when someone turns them in a few days later,” he said.

Porter has been cited for a misdemeanor in the incident, which a police report says was videotaped and shows Porter punching Jones in the face with a closed fist as well as several “unidentified males” attacking Jones.

“A cowardly assault by a coward,” Jones says. “One versus seven, six from behind. The police report came out and told the truth. Joey Porter did not kick Levi Jones’s ass. Basically what he did was walk up to me, get my attention talking trash while his boys jumped me from behind. They plotted the thing. He was shooting craps. I was playing blackjack. He saw me, there was no exchange before he just came up on me.”

Jones said he was in Vegas a month ago with a mutual friend of theirs in a casino and Porter left the casino when he saw them.

“But when there are six and seven guys with him, he’s brave now,” Jones says. “Strength in numbers. I guess he felt like the numbers were with him. He’s been doing this for years, telling everyone he’s going to do this to me and do that to me.”