Mixtape Mondays - Dec 27, 2004

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Sicc OG
May 4, 2002
This week we bring you an original... "I Ain't Your Boyfriend" by Lil' G... It's been in the archives for a few months now, it was one of those experimental songs that we didn't think would make an album but we just wanted to clown around and try new things out... Amongst the things we were trying out was the Pro Tools system I had just purchased, this cut was the first song recorded into it and although it had the potential to sound good I fucked that off with a horrible mixing job because I had no idea how to use Pro Tools at the time. LOL... Needless to say, the stars weren't aligned that day like I had hoped... but then again I am a perfectionist so I could be on crack and the song could be crackin... That's your job to tell me the realness of the situation. HOLLA!

Unknown Territory Records Presents...
Mixtape Monday - Lil' G - I Ain't Your Boyfriend

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Oct 12, 2002
IMO its a good song but not the greatest , its like its missing something but i cant put my finger on it . but even though i dont care for it , it still twice the song that most people put out these days . i luv G's flow and cant wait for that solo to drop .
Sep 17, 2004
LMFAO ~ and i aint leavin till ya gurlfirendz tastin penis...

overall tha trackz aiight but not really my steeze.. good azz lyrics n shit tho..
and i like the singin part shit soundz dope :)

holla dubbz~
Nov 20, 2002
mo-x & G ever since i got my copy of angry souls, its gets a spin at least once a week in my player especially "Where were you", cd is a classic in my ears, and everytime you guys droppin these singles and snippets it only gets better and better...i fiend for new utr muzik , seems like every track is a fukin heater...mo-x quit fukin hoggin material and drop more shit...for us, with over 4,000 album it never seems to fail that i go right back to the utr material, anways keep droppin shit....and who is singin on this track? dude sounds good as fuk ....