Mixtape Monday - January 3rd, 2005

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Sicc OG
May 4, 2002
I'll be real witcha, we didn't get shit done over the holidays so we had to dig into the archives and we found some pre-production items from the Red Head Steve Redrum album... For those of you who don't know what pre-production is it's basically a rough version of a song to see if the song will be tight... And we've got two for ya today...

Red Head Steve - Beyond Hurt Pre-Production
Red Head Steve - Keep It Krackin Pre-Production

Beyond hurt has a Mo-X & Lil' G verse on it, and Keep It Krackin has a Mortician verse on it... So the story behind these songs is like this... Beyond Hurt, myself & G were supposed to be on that song originally and although Steve gave us the beat months in advance, we forgot about the song until the day of the session to record the pre production... So we wrote the verse literally 15 minutes before Steve showed up and we did the song... It wasen't classic status, Steve knew this, we knew this, we just didn't wanna say: "hey guess what buddy, we forgot about your song" so we recorded it anyways... Well it didn't make the album, we knew it wouldn't so we promised Steve we would come like some savages on another song that was more our style... Out pops a cold as cut named "'Til The Day I Die"... As for Keep It Krackin, we had an opportunity to have T-Nutty featured on the album and we jumped at it... Mortician will be on another song in the future.



Some Random Asshole
Apr 25, 2002
beyond hurt is the cut, i think both versions are good, but i'm feelin Bop on the album cut....shit was clownin...good shit mo....