Mitchy Slick: Lost In The YAY

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Sicc OG
Feb 10, 2006
After he got smoked? WTF? Have some respect for the man and his family and fans. And btw he didn't get "smoked" get ur facts straight.


Feb 12, 2006
After he got smoked? WTF? Have some respect for the man and his family and fans. And btw he didn't get "smoked" get ur facts straight.
"smoked" is killt by a gun... (gun smoke); intentional or not... so YES he did...

and although i did not intend to disrespect ne1, he aint shit to me or my ppl so I don't have to "respect" shit...
Apr 5, 2003
Some quick updates for ya.

Album is never coming out. There you go.

RM211 is douchebag for getting butthurt over the "smoked" comment.
Not for the respect side of it, but saying that ain't what happened.
Did you think reo was trying to say some1 literally rolled up the jacka and smoked him in a blunt or something? NO. he got smoked. That's how getting shot is referred to often times. You a grown man I assume, so 1 would figure you woulda known this. Maybe you got 'smoked' out before you read his comment. Hopefully. Or you're just retarded.

And REO is a jerkoff for throwing out his 2 cents in the last post with the "he ain't shit to me or my ppl so I don't have to "respect shit"".
Thank you so much for blessing us with your royal opinion sir almighty untouchable great 1.

Siccness is cool, but man it's got some retards on here sometimes.
I don't bang or nothin so pls don't go there w/ me.
I just wish people would act legit and participate in these topics/conversations like a normal listener/fan without tryin to act like 'their click' and they are on top of their game and have all the answers.
How bout you speak like you would when your at work dealin with the boss/customer/whoever and speak like a normal person would, without tryin to hint that whole "look at me, I'm street, I'm ghetto, maybe more than you!"

Keep in mind this site originated/blew up cus people where all hyped and inspired by a rapper (Lynch) who talked about eatin human flesh, baby nuts n guts. We was all about it n felt that shit was hard as fuck. Did we go and become cannibals? No.
Now its more about street rappers reppin their turf and all that, but are the majority of you runnin your turf and controlling your set/city like a boss. No.
So lets talk/act like a normal fucking human being.

Feb 25, 2015
a lot of people on here dick ride anything mitchy does to the fullest but as a real fan of homies music i wasn't feeling it either... i thought it was a let down i listened to it once and havent bumped it since... ouch.
you're spot's ok to be down for the town and not like all of Mitchy's shit. i did like yellow tape but some of the newer shit isn't my favorite....

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
everyone is allowed to have they opinion and everyone can say what they like or not. and on the topic of the jack i know exactly what happened and 'smoked' is a little not on point with what happened but with that said who gives a fuck? if you know what happened then you know if you dont then you dont.

either way RIP to the jack i knew alot of people who fucked with him whether music or in the streets and ive heard nothin but good things except from those types that are just hater ass street niggas thatll call a nigga a buster for anything....but thats neither here or there

sure mitchy fucked with jack on some degree because he had SAS on tear gas on a few diff songs, phil the ags song was about horoscopes krondon was on there on a single song and i think mitchy was on the same song as him, but i could be wrong. either way its obvious that jack fucked with SAS.

i mean, i had my opinion on mitchy years ago as fsr as a few moves being made. i would hate to be the reason otr the person for why he left this site as far as regular posting, but its possible. and to some degree my opinion on the conversation had ended up being true unfortunately, would rather leave it alone with what happened , but at the time i felt as if i was just throwing a warning out because i could see it before it happened. but thats cleared up, i did a radio show with wrongkind, ric nutt and ise b to be exact, played mitchys music on my radio show, and although ive heard some things i said back then may have rubbed him the wrong way ...i think he gets the fact that its all love and really i wanna see any of my SD niggas win. now that ive spread my wings, and i live in the bay.. its good to see hes also spread his wings and worked in the bay himself..doin the same thing im doin. at some point i realized i had to get out of SD and take my show on the road. cali is bigger than ya home town. and im glad SD niggas aint hating on him spreading his wings and fucking with the bay more. the real point of that to the niggas that knew is we were opening up the pipeline from san diego the the bay to make us more teammates in this rap shit. the bay and D always fucked with eachother it just wasnt fully understood until years ago. i really havent checked for alot of his albums since the dj fresh tonite show but thats cuz im lazy. ill give lost in the yay a chance.

just ask yourself..... what are you doing for the coast? n if that answer is nothing then shut up and be a fan and leave it at that
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